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Full List of Services Provided By CV Master Careers

Below is a list of all services provided by CV Master Careers. If you don’t see what you need or would like more information, please call 0800 246 1857 / 0845 003 9557 and one of our experienced team members will be happy to help.

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CV Writing Services

We offer a range of CV Writing Services to suit your requirements and your budget, including a full Professional CV Writing Service, a CV Re-Vamp Service as well as Starter CV and Graduate CV services for junior and graduate roles. We base prices for our professional CV writing services on your current salary. This is because in general the higher your levels of skill and experience, the longer it will take to produce your CV.

Professional CV Writing Service

Our professional CV writing service has been used successfully by individuals employed in a huge range of occupations, at every career level. Our consultants are skilled in producing a CV tailored to meet your own personal needs and the requirements of the job application you are making.

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Prices listed are based on Standard Turnaround (5 Working Days *Estimated) – We also offer a range of Express Turnaround Options

Graduate CV Writing Service

We offer a dedicated CV Writing service for Graduates, suitable for applying for all types of graduate roles, including graduate schemes as well as work placements and internships.

Our Graduate CV Service costs £89.99

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Starter CV Writing Service

We offer a Starter CV Service for those applying for part-time / zero-hours, entry level / junior roles as well as those undertaking shop-floor or ‘blue-collar’ roles. Please note that this service is suitable for those targeting salaries of up to £25,000 only.

Our Starter CV Service costs £59.99

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CV Re-Vamp Service

We offer a CV Re-Vamp Service as an alternative to our full Professional CV Service. The CV Re-Vamp can be used for editing your existing CV to ensure a polished finish or to focus it for a specific role / role type.

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Interview Coaching Services

We provide Interview Coaching and Mock Interview services to help you prepare for that all-important interview. All interview coaching is provided by Career & Interview Consultants with 15 years of experience. We can help you to improve your confidence and prepare answers for any challenging questions you may face. We provide specialised Interview Coaching services for Graduates, Professionals and Executives.

We offer Interview Coaching via Skype / telephone as well as Face-to-Face Interview Coaching Services in Bristol, Cardiff and Swindon

Skype / Telephone Interview Coaching Service

Our experienced Interview Coach will ensure that your interview performance is outstanding. We will help you with any element of your interview presentation. This includes helping you prepare answers for tough interview questions, including competency questions

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Face-to-Face Interview Coaching Service

We offer face-to-face Interview Coaching services at our offices in Cardiff, Bristol and Swindon. Sessions can typically be arranged within 1 or 2 Working Days. Please contact us on 0800 246 1857 if you would like to discuss availability before booking.

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Mock Interview Service

Our Mock Interview service gives you the chance to test out your interview skills and receive feedback from an experienced interviewer. We can tailor the Mock Interview to match the type of interview you are likely to face. Mock Interviews can be conducted via Skype / telephone or Face-to-Face at our offices in Bristol, Cardiff or Swindon.

Skype / Telephone Mock Interviews cost £65.99 Includes a 30 Minutes + Feedback Notes| More Information

Face-to-Face Mock Interviews cost £165.99 Includes 30 Minutes + Feedback Notes *Bristol, Cardiff or Swindon only| More Information

Job Application Services

We have over 15 years of experience in providing professional job application support. Approximately 85% of clients using our Application Form services are successful in securing interviews. Our team can provide professional help with any type of Job Application, including:

We offer both full Job Application Writing and Checking & Editing services with prices starting from just £65.00. Our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced Consultants have successfully provided expert help with almost every type of Application Form for a wide range of industry sectors at all career levels. Click here to see reviews from satisfied clients.

Job Application Form Writing Service

We have successfully provided expert professional help with Job Application Forms for a wide range of industry sectors at all career levels. The service includes a full consultation to gather all of the information required, production of your Application Statement or other Application documents within 5 working days and as many alterations to the draft as are required until you are 100% satisfied. We currently have an 85% Application Success Rate for this service. Most of our clients are having difficulty completing the Supporting Statement or Additional Information sections of their Job Application Forms. We can help with other sections of your Application Form – Contact us for a quote.

We charge for this service by the number of words required for the application (to the nearest 250 words) at the rate of £110.00 per 500 words of text. 500 words is roughly equivalent to 1 page of A4. If you know the word limit for your application, you can use the table (below) to calculate the cost of working on your application. If you do not know the word limit, or it is not specified then we can provide you with a quote.

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Please contact us for a quote if your Job Application is over 2,000 words

Job Application Checking & Editing Service

One of our professional writers will check your application documents for spelling and grammar and suggest improvements to the content as well as checking your application meets with all specified criteria and requirements.We currently have an 80% Application Success Rate for clients using this service. Our Job Application Form Checking & Editing Service costs £65.00 per 500 words of text. Prices are based on the number of words in your draft Application (to the nearest 250 words). Please see the table below to calculate how much it will cost to check and edit your application.

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