Civil Service Interview Coaching

Our experienced professional Interview Coaches can help you prepare for Civil Service interviews

Interview Coaching can help you to perform better in interview, giving you a vital edge over your competitors and significantly improving your chances of getting through the Civil Service application process. Our team has extensive experience of supporting candidates to prepare for Civil Service interviews at all Grades / Levels, including Competency Based and Strength Based Interviews.

We can help with any type of Civil Service interview at all Grades from AO to Director

This includes: Face-to-Face Interviews, Video Interviews or Telephone Interviews. We can help you prepare, review and improve answers to any type of interview questions, including: Competency / Skill Based and Strength Based questions based on the Civil Service Success Profiles Framework, as well as general interview questions.

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Your Civil Service interview problems solved…………

We can assist with all aspects of the Civil Service interview process but typically, clients who come to us for Interview Coaching are experiencing difficulty with the following:

Struggling to adapt your Behaviour / Competency answers for interview?

Many of our clients find it difficult to select or adapt examples for Behaviour / Competency answers. Our experienced Interview Coaches can help you decide whether to use the same examples as for your written application, or advise on selecting new/alternative examples. We can also help you to extend and develop your answers to ensure you provide sufficient detail, and to anticipate likely follow-up questions to help you prepare.

Unsure how to answer Civil Service Strength-Based interview questions?

Strength Based Interviewing is still a relatively new technique. Strength Based interview questions are designed to get you talking about what motivates you and and what you feel you do well. Because they are ‘open’ questions, they can be difficult to prepare for. Our experienced Interview Coaches can help you identify your key strengths and how these link to the target role, as well as explaining how to present Strengths effectively at interview.

Is it time to invest in your career?

Just thought I’d let you know that the interview went really well, so much so that I’ve been offered a place on the Fast Stream programme!

Thank you so much for all of your help during the past half a year or so- Of course, this success would absolutely not have been possible without you!

Dinu R, Civil Service Fast Stream

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How Our Civil Service Interview Coaching Service Works

Before Your Session

Before your Interview Coaching session, you will be asked to provide details of the interview process for your application(s). This will include the Job Advert / Selection Criteria as well as any instructions / details you have been provided regarding the interview process and interview format. It may also be helpful to send us copies of any Behaviour / Competency or Personal Statements you submitted as part of the application. Your Interview Coach will provide full guidance on these requirements in line with your own specific circumstances to ensure we are able to prepare effectively for your Interview Coaching session. 

Your 1 Hour Interview Coaching Session will include the following:

Stage 1) Assessment

At the beginning of your session your Interview Coach will discuss with you which areas of your interview technique you feel require the most work and what aspects of the interview you are feeling most anxious or stressed about. This will include discussing any unsuccessful interviews you have attended before to help analyse what went wrong and where you can improve.

Your Coach will then ask you some relevant test interview questions of the type you will be likely to face in your Civil Service interview. This could include Behaviour / Competency based questions as well as Strength based questions. This will enable your Interview Coach to assess your current skill level effectively and highlight which areas require the most attention for you.

We will cover all Behaviours / Competencies which will form part of your interview. We can also help you to identify suitable strengths and demonstrate how these link to the role you are targeting.

Stage 2) Feedback & Insight

Next, your Interview Coach will provide detailed feedback on your answers to the test interview questions as well as general insights on how to improve your Civil Service interview performance. This will include details on:

  • How well you listened to and understood the interview questions
  • If you included all the required / relevant information in your answers
  • If you provided sufficient evidence to demonstrate relevant criteria for Civil Service Behaviours / Competencies or other essential criteria
  • How well you delivered your answers
  • If you interacted appropriately with the interviewer
  • If you said or did anything likely to give a bad impression or put off interviewers
  • We can also provide feedback on your video set-up and video interview technique if required

Stage 3) Coaching

Once you and your Interview Coach have identified the key issues and areas you need help with, they will then work with you to improve your interview technique. This can include:

  • Helping you to improve answers to Competency / Behaviour questions
  • Helping you to extend Competency / Behaviour STAR examples to ensure you provide enough detail
  • Helping you to anticipate potential follow-up questions on Behaviour / Competency Examples
  • Helping you develop or improve answers to Strength Based Interview Questions
  • Practical advice to improve your confidence at interview and banish interview nerves!
  • Advice for preparing for and performing your best in Video Interviews

Stage 4) Practice Questions

Once the feedback and coaching is complete, you will have the chance to run through some of your answers again with your Interview Coach. This will allow you to benchmark your progress and practice the new techniques you have learned. Many of our clients find this one of the most helpful aspects of our interview coaching.

Our Interview Coaches have almost 20 years of experience and can ensure that your interview performance is outstanding, so you can relax and feel confident

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Client reviews……………

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Civil Service Interview Coaching Prices

In order to ensure that we pitch your coaching at the right level, and so that we can give you maximum benefit, we provide Civil Service Interview Coaching at 4 different levels: AA/AO Grade / Level 1or equivalent, EO Grade / Level 2 or equivalent, HEO/SEO Grade / Level 3 or equivalent and G7/G6 Grade / Level 4 or equivalent. Please contact us for details of pricing for Deputy Director / Level 5 and Director/Director General / Level 6 roles.

Interview Coaching

AA / AO Grade / Level 1

Skype / Phone (1 Hour)


Interview Coaching

EO Grade / Level 2

Skype / Phone (1 Hour)


Interview Coaching

HEO / SEO Grade / Level 3

Skype / Phone (1 Hour)


Interview Coaching

G6 / G7 Grade / Level 4

Skype / Phone (1 Hour)


Contact us for details of Interview Coaching for Deputy Director (Level 5) and Director / Director General (Level 6) roles

Optional Extras

We also offer the following optional extras with our Civil Service Interview Coaching Service:

Interview Coaching Feedback Report – Add to your order for £19.99

You will receive a full written report including notes on everything covered during your session. This will include details of strong points, areas for improvement and general advice for each of the interview questions covered as well as advice on improving your overall approach and confidence. Your Interview Coach can also recommend specific areas for you to continue working on in your own time after the session.

Behaviour / Competency Statement Extension – From £29.99 Per Example

You may wish to consider extending Behaviour / Competency examples you have used for written applications for use at interview. We provide a full service to extend your examples for use at interview which includes a short consultation to gather extra detail and preparation of extended versions in STAR / bullet point format which you can use as a basis for an interview ‘script’. Prices from £29.99 per Behaviour / Competency example.

Add Extra Time – Extend your coaching session as required

Need more support? You can add extra time to your Interview Coaching session in 30 minute blocks to extend time with your Interview Coach by up to 1 hour. Prices based on career level – Extra time can be added when ordering your Interview Coaching session.

Priority Booking (Next Working Day) – Add to your order for £29.99

On a short deadline? You can secure a next-working day appointment by adding Priority Booking to your order (subject to availability) for an additional £29.99.

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