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CV Master Careers Mock Interview Service

Applying for Graduate jobs and other professional roles can seem very daunting and can be especially intimidating especially when you are experiencing the process for the first time. A Mock Interview can really help to give you the confidence boost that you need before facing the real thing. If you are worried about any of the following then our Mock Interview Service can help you:

  • Do you want to increase your chances of securing your dream job? 
  • Don’t want to risk wasting your chances and missing out?
  • Are you nervous about job interviews and want to practice?
  • Are you unsure of how well you are selling your skills and qualities?
  • Getting rejected when you feel the job could have easily been yours?
  • Confused about how effectively you project yourself in job interviews?  

This service can help you test your interview skills to see where you can improve – Available via Skype / Telephone or Face-to-Face

Our Mock interview service gives you the chance to test out your interview skills and receive feedback from an experienced interviewer. We can tailor the mock interview to match the type of interview you are likely to face. Our experienced interview consultants can help you to review your interview performance in a realistic environment, allowing you to identify areas in which you need to develop your skills. We provide Mock Telephone Interviews, Mock Skype Interviews of any type and format. We also offer Mock Face to Face Interviews at our offices in Cardiff, Bristol and Swindon.

How the Mock Interview Service Works

You can send us details of any roles you are being interviewed for in advance of your session. This will enable your Interview Coach to prepare a set of Mock Interview questions tailored as closely as possible to the type of interview you are likely to face. Each Mock Interview lasts for 30 minutes. During the session, we will start by asking you a series of interview questions, including tough questions likely to come up at your interview. We will then provide you with honest, structured feedback on your interview technique including;

  • How well you listened to the interview questions
  • If you understood the questions being asked
  • How well you answered the questions
  • If you interacted appropriately with the interviewer
  • How well you explained your skills and experience
  • If you highlighted your relevant skills to the position
  • Your overall performance and successes

Mock Interview Service Prices

We provide Mock Interviews either by Skype / Telephone or Face-to-Face at our offices in Cardiff, Bristol and Swindon. This service is suitable for all career levels and sectors. All Mock Interview sessions are 30 Minutes – You can book as many as you need up to a maximum session length of 2 hours.

Skype / Telephone Mock Interview (30 Minutes + 30 Minutes Verbal Feedback)


Face-to-Face Mock Interview (30 Minutes + 30 Minutes Verbal Feedback)