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Get expert help writing a Personal Statement for any University Application

We are specialists in producing Personal Statements for Master’s Degree (MSc, MA, MEng and MBA) courses as well as PhD’s and other applications

Our team of professional writers have over 15 years of experience and has successfully assisted hundreds of students to secure places on their first-choice degree programmes at top universities in the UK and abroad.

We specialise in helping with applications for some of the most competitive Master’s Degree programmes such as Finance, Accounting, Investment Management, Business Management, Strategic Management, MBA, Oil & Gas and Engineering programmes.

We have a proven track record of writing Personal Statements for leading Universities

We are specialists in producing effective Personal Statements. Our team has successfully assisted candidates to secure places on highly competitive Master’s programmes at leading institutions such as LSE, Imperial, Kings College, Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, Exeter, Manchester, Harvard and more.

85% Application Success Rate; 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our writers are skilled in producing Personal Statements for application to Master’s Degree programmes. As the name suggests, a Personal Statement should be personal to you, so our writers will work in consultation with you to ensure that we produce a document which accurately reflects your personality, professional qualities achievements and motivation.

We also offer a full 100% Satisfaction Guarantee which means we will keep working on your Personal Statement until you are completely satisfied with the results.

What is included in our Personal Statement Writing Service?

Full Writing of your Personal Statement from Scratch –  We will draft your Personal Statement from scratch as well as checking of Personal Statement guidelines and specifications for the application(s) you are making to ensure your Statement meets with requirements and word limits. We can produce Personal Statements for just one course or more than one if required. We will draft your Personal Statement(s) within 5 working days and you will have the opportunity to request any alterations required to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the final product.

Consultation & Application Review – To ensure that we gain a full knowledge of your personality and skills, the service includes a full consultation to gather all of the information required. We will also review your CV and any other applicable information that you can send us (such as the course description or other guidelines for completing the application). We will then conduct our own research on the University or Institution that you are aiming for, as well as using our extensive experience to ensure that we highlight the right information in your application.

Just £105 per 500 words of text; 5 working day turnaround – Click here to get a quote today

Why choose us to write your Personal Statement?

Experienced and Helpful Writers……

Your statement will be produced by a Professional Personal Statement Writer with over 14 years of experience.

No Stock Phrases……Plagiarism Aware…

We are fully aware of plagiarism rules and plagiarism detection software operated by universities and guarantee not to use any stock phrases or standard templates to ensure your Personal Statement is unique, individual and will not fall foul of plagiarism regulations.

On a Deadline?

Our simple online ordering and consultation process and 5 working day turnaround means we can help you get your Personal Statement into shape rapidly, even at the last minute!

We also offer…..

A Personal Statement Checking & Editing Service (editing and correction of an existing draft) as well as help with UCAS Personal Statements, Job Application Forms and Supporting Statements.

Personal Statement Writing Service Prices

The Personal Statement Writing Service costs £105 per 500 words of text. Prices are based on the number of words in your draft Personal Statement (to the nearest 250 words). Please see the table (left) to calculate how much your Personal Statement will cost or click here to submit your details for a quote.

Please contact us for details of prices for Personal Statements over 2,000 words in length

Express Turnaround Options

Standard turnaround time for our Personal Statement Writing Service is 5 Working Days from the date of your consultation. We also offer a range of Express Turnaround options to ensure you can always make your deadline.

How the Personal Statement Writing Service Works

Below is a Step-by-Step guide to the Personal Statement Writing Service.

Step 1) Get your Quote

If you know the number or words required for your Personal Statement you can go straight to Place your Order.

If you require multiple Personal Statements (for different courses or universities) or if you are not sure how many words will be required for your Personal Statement you will need to send us a full list of the courses and universities you are aiming for so that we can provide you with an accurate quote. You will also need to let us know the deadline for submission at this stage.

Please use our Quote Form to submit your information for a quote or send details to for assessment. Once you have approved your quote, we will send you full instructions on how to complete your order.

Step 2) Place your Order

To place your order you will need to go to our Online Ordering page and select the correct length of Personal Statement from the options available. If your Statement is longer than 2,000 words you will need to contact us on 0800 246 1857 / 0845 003 9557 or at before placing your order.If you prefer you can also place your order by phone by calling 0800 246 1857 / 0845 003 9557 (Monday – Friday 09:00am to 7:00pm)

Step 3) Submit your Documents & Complete your Consultation

Once you have placed your order, you will be taken to a page where you will be able to submit any supporting information which may be helpful to us. This can include a copy of your CV and any previous Personal Statements you have completed. We will then conduct a Telephone / Skype / Email consultation to gather all of the information required to complete your Personal Statement. This will include discussing your motivation for applying, future career aspirations and other key information such as academic achievements.

Step 4) Drafting of your Personal Statement

Once we have the information required we will get to work on drafting your Personal Statement which clearly demonstrates your skills, experience, academic achievements and suitability for the programme(s) for which you are applying. The drafting of your Personal Statement will be completed within 5 working days as standard. You can also add one of our Express Turnaround options to your order if required.

Step 5) Checking & Alteration of your Statement

As soon as your Personal Statement is complete, we will send you a copy by email. You will then be asked to look over the Statement we have produced for you and then we will work together in consultation to make any amendments necessary to ensure you are 100% happy with the results.

Order online now or call 0800 246 1857 / 0845 003 9557 for a no obligation discussion to see how we can help you

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