UCAS Personal Statement Service

We have 18+ years of experience producing UCAS Personal Statements for leading UK universities with a 85%+ success rate

We provide a comprehensive UCAS Personal Statement Checking & Editing service which can be used to turn any rough draft of your Personal Statement into a succinct and concise document. We can help you to clearly express your own personal motivation for applying to your chosen courses and Universities, whilst also demonstrating your suitability for the course and personal achievements.

Our expert team of writers will also ensure that your Personal Statement conforms to the UCAS standards for length (4,000 character / 47 line limits) and does not fall foul of anti-plagiarism checks.

Our team has a proven track record of producing successful UCAS statements for every sector as well as experience of supporting mature students

Our friendly and experienced team are experts in assisting students to gain access to a wide variety of University courses, including specialist subjects. We are also highly experienced in assisting Mature Students to gain entry to academic courses via the UCAS programme.

We have assisted our UCAS Personal Statement clients to secure places on some of the most competitive undergraduate Degree programmes at top universities in the UK and abroad such as Imperial, Kings College, Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, Exeter, Manchester and many more. We have particular expertise in producing Personal Statements for Bachelor’s Degree courses in Finance, Accounting, Business, Engineering as well as Social Work and Nursing / Healthcare programmes.

How The UCAS Personal Statement Service Works

First of all, you will need to send us a rough draft of your Personal Statement. This is because the UCAS guidelines clearly state that although you are able to seek help to edit and finish your statement to the high standard required by leading Universities, to ensure full compliance with University and UCAS guidelines, your draft Personal Statement must be originally your own work.

Once we have received the rough draft of your Personal Statement, we will complete a consultation by Telephone / Email in order to ensure that we a complete picture of your personality and motivation for selecting your chosen programme of study. When the consultation process is complete, we will get to work on editing your Personal Statement, checking the wording, spelling and grammar to ensure that you are expressing your points and ideas in the best possible way.

Once completed, we will then return the Personal Statement to you as a Microsoft Word document and you will have the opportunity to check it over and show it to your Parents and / or Tutors for approval. We will then work together with you to make any amendments necessary and ensure you are 100% happy with the results.

Prices & Ordering

The UCAS Personal Statement Service costs


You will receive a copy of your edited Personal Statement within 5 working days as standard; you can also add one of our Express Turnaround Options to your order (from £14.99)

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3 Working Days


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Frequently Asked Questions

“Will my statement be rejected by anti-plagiarism checks if I use this service?”

We make every effort to ensure that your personal statement is completely unique and personal to you; this is why we conduct a consultation beforehand to get a clear picture of you as a person. We do ask that you provide a rough draft of your Personal Statement to us for editing – if you have copied any of your content from anywhere else (such as other sample statements on the Internet), we cannot guarantee that your statement will not be rejected.

“How do I know my statement will be good enough if I use this service?”

We have worked with hundreds of clients and have a very high success rate in helping people to secure places at their first choice Universities. This has included Oxford and Cambridge. We have not come across a Personal Statement yet which could not be improved in some way. Whilst we cannot guarantee you a place (due to a range of factors such as the level of competition for your chosen course), we can ensure that you will not be let down by a poor Personal Statement.

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