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Ensure your interview performance is outstanding with Professional Interview Coaching from CV Master Careers

Interview Coaching can help you to perform at your best in any interview situation, giving you a vital edge over your competitors and significantly improving your chances of getting the job you want. Our team has extensive experience of supporting candidates to prepare for interviews at all career levels, including graduate assessment centres and senior manager roles across the public and private sectors. We offer interview coaching by video link (Skype), telephone or face-to face in selected locations.

  • Do you find job interviews stressful, difficult and unrewarding?
  • Are you struggling to sell your skills and experience to interviewers?
  • Not sure how to explain redundancy, career gap or a change of career?
  • Confused about what today’s employer is looking for?

Our Interview Technique Coaching services can help you to overcome any of these difficulties effectively – Contact us now or call 0800 246 1857 to see how we can maximise your chances of success 

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We can help with any type of interview including: Face-to-Face Interviews, Video Interviews, Telephone Interviews, Panel Interviews and Assessment Centres / Assessment Days (including Graduate Assessments). We can help you prepare, review and improve answers to any type of interview questions, including Competency / Skill Based; Strength Based, Value Based and Scenario Based questions as well as general interview questions.

During your Interview Coaching session we will pinpoint exactly what you are having difficulties with and devise an appropriate action plan to improve your interview technique. We will then work with you to ensure that you give the best interview possible. We can help you with what to say, how to say it, body language and tone of voice, as well as advising on other aspects of the job interview process such as dress code and building a rapport with the interviewers. Our experienced Interview Coach will help you feel prepared and confident enough to secure the job you want.

CV Master Careers Interview Coaching Reviews

“Just thought I’d let you know that the interview went really well, so much so that I’ve been offered the job! Thank you so much for all of your help during the past half a year or so- Of course, this success would absolutely not have been possible without you!” Dinu R, Civil Servant)

“I’m pleased to report that I’ve verbally accepted an offer for a Bid Writer role with a salary of £42k plus 10% discretionary annual bonus. Fortunately this all means I can continue with the house purchase. Thank you for all your assistance with the interview prep. I could not have done it without you!” Nick D, Bid/Tender Professional)

“A massive thanks for your support with the interview. I hit the required score in the interview and am now on the reserve list.!” Theo W (Civil Servant)

“Thank you so much! You’ve been so helpful in preparing me for graduate interviews and I have now secured an excellent placement!…me and my parents have recommended your services to a bunch of people so hopefully you’ll be getting more business soon! Thanks again for all your help,” Tom A, Finance Graduate)

How our Interview Coaching Service works

Interview Coaching can be conducted over the telephone / video (Skype) or face-to-face at our offices in Cardiff or Bristol

Stage 1) Assessment

At the beginning of your session your Interview Coach will discuss with you which areas of your interview technique you feel require the most work and what aspects of the interview you are feeling most anxious or stressed about. This will include discussing any unsuccessful interviews you have attended before to help analyse what went wrong and where you can improve.

Your Coach will then ask you some relevant test interview questions of the type you will be likely to face in a real interview. This will enable your Interview Coach to assess your current skill level effectively and highlight which areas require the most attention for you.

Stage 2) Feedback & Coaching

Next, your Interview Coach will provide detailed feedback on your answers to the test interview questions. This will include details on:

  • How well you listened to and understood the interview questions
  • If you included all the required / relevant information in your answers
  • If you provided sufficient evidence to demonstrate your skills, experience and achievements
  • How well you delivered your answers
  • If you interacted appropriately with the interviewer
  • If you said or did anything likely to give a bad impression or put off interviewers

Once you and your Interview Coach have identified the key issues and areas you need help with, they will then work with you to improve your interview technique. We will work on exactly what you need help with.

This can include:

  • Helping you to anticipate questions / topics likely to come up (to help you prepare)
  • Preparation of some standard answers to Tough Questions you may be asked at interview
  • Helping you to formulate your own answers to Competency Based Interview Questions
  • Prepare to answer Strength Based, Value Based and Scenario Based Interview Questions
  • Teaching you some Techniques to build rapport with the interviewer(s)
  • Guidance on how to Research a potential employer before your interview 
  • Providing Relevant Questions for you to ask a potential employer at interview
  • Improving your Body Language to demonstrate your interest
  • Practical advice to improve your confidence at interview and banish interview nerves!

Stage 3) Mock Interview

At the end of the session we can stage a short Mock Interview to allow you to benchmark your progress and practice your new techniques. Because we use real job interview questions throughout you can be assured that you will gain a realistic understanding of your interview performance has improved. Our clients find this one of the most helpful aspects of our interview coaching.

We also offer a full 30 Minute Mock Interview Service

Interview Coaching Follow-Up

We will provide you with a wide range of follow-up information after your Interview Coaching session to enable you to continue improving your interview technique in your own time. This will help you to get value from your coaching and reinforce your learning. It will also give you information written by experts that you can access when you want or need it.  

This includes:

  • A comprehensive list of over 100 Practice Interview Questions
  • Sample answers to tough interview questions (such as what is your greatest weakness?…biggest failure?…greatest accomplishment? etc…)
  • Several model answers for Competency Based Interview Questions
  • Additional factsheets and information on key techniques for structuring interview answers
  • A list of potential Questions to ask the Interviewer
  • Follow up exercises so that you can continue to work on your skills on your own
  • A FREE copy of our Ultimate Interview Guide (normally £5.99)

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Interview Coaching Optional Extras

We also offer the following optional extras with our Interview Coaching Service:

Interview Coaching Feedback Report – Add to your order for £19.99

You will receive a full written report including notes on everything covered during your session. This will include details of strong points, areas for improvement and general advice for each of the interview questions covered as well as advice on improving your overall approach and confidence. Your Interview Coach can also recommend specific areas for you to continue working on in your own time after the session.

Priority Booking (Next Working Day) – Add to your order for £29.99

On a short deadline? You can secure a next-working day appointment by adding Priority Booking to your order (subject to availability) for an additional £29.99.

Add Extra Time – Extend your coaching session as required

Need more support? You can add extra time to your Interview Coaching session in 30 minute blocks to extend time with your Interview Coach by up to 1 hour. Prices based on career level – Extra time can be added when ordering your Interview Coaching session.

Upgrade to Face-to-Face Interview Coaching for £99.99 (Bristol / Cardiff)

Would you prefer to conduct your Interview Coaching in person? For an additional £99.99, you can upgrade to a Face-to-Face Interview Coaching session in either our Cardiff or Bristol office.

Professional Interview Coaching Prices 

In order to ensure that we pitch your coaching at the right level and offer maximum benefit to you, we provide Interview Coaching at 4 different levels (Entry Level, Graduate, Professional and Senior Manager / Executive). We offer Interview Coaching by Video Link (Teams / Skype) and Telephone or you can upgrade to a Face-to-Face Interview Coaching session in our Cardiff or Bristol offices. Once your order has been received, your Interview Coach will contact you to arrange your session time and date.

Entry Level

(Salary up to £35K)

1 Hour Session


Graduate Level

(Graduate / Undergraduate)

1 Hour Session


Professional Level

(Salary £35K – £60K)

1 Hour Session


Senior Level

(Salary £60K+)

1 Hour Session


Add these Optional Extras & Upgrades to your order

Upgrade to Face-to-Face Session

(Available in Bristol / Cardiff only)


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Interview Coaching Report

(PDF Session Feedback Report )


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Priority / Next-Day Booking

(Next Working Day Appointment)


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Add Extra Time – Extend your coaching session as required

Need more support? You can also add extra time to your Interview Coaching session in 30 minute blocks to extend time with your Interview Coach by up to 1 hour. Prices based on career level – Extra time can be added when ordering your Interview Coaching session.

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