Interview Coaching (Target Salary £35K-£60K) (1 Hour)

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Professional Interview Coaching (1 Hour Session)

Professional Level – Suitable for candidates targeting roles with salaries between £35,000 and £60,000

Interview Coaching is available by Video Link (Microsoft Teams / Skype) and Telephone or upgrade to a Face-to-Face session in Bristol or Cardiff for £99.99

We can help with any type of interview including: Face-to-Face Interviews, Video Interviews, Telephone Interviews, Panel Interviews and Assessment Centres / Assessment Days (including Graduate Assessments). We can help you prepare, review and improve answers to any type of interview questions, including Competency / Skill Based; Strength Based, Value Based and Scenario Based questions as well as general interview questions.

During your Interview Coaching session we will pinpoint exactly what you are having difficulties with and devise an appropriate action plan to improve your interview technique. We will then work with you to ensure that you give the best interview possible. We can help you with what to say, how to say it, body language and tone of voice, as well as advising on other aspects of the job interview process such as dress code and building a rapport with the interviewers. Our experienced Interview Coach will help you feel prepared and confident enough to secure the job you want.

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For an additional £99.99 you can upgrade to a face-to-face Interview Coaching session at our offices in Bristol City Centre, Bristol Aztec West or Cardiff.

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Professional Interview Coaching (1 Hour Session)

Professional Level – Suitable for candidates targeting roles with salaries between £35,000 and £60,000

Interview Coaching is available by Video Link (Microsoft Teams / Skype) and Telephone or upgrade to a Face-to-Face session in Bristol or Cardiff for £99.99

What is included:

Before the session: We will ask you to send across any information which will help us prepare and enable us to tailor the session to meet your needs. This would typically include a copy of your CV or Application as well as the Job Description and Person Specification for any role(s) you are targeting (if available).

Stage 1:

At the beginning of your session your Interview Coach will ask you some relevant ‘test’ interview questions in order assess your current skill level and identify which areas require the most attention. They will also discuss with you which areas of your interview technique you feel require the most work and what aspects of the interview you are feeling most anxious about as well as getting an insight into your career aspirations and reasons for seeking a new role.

 Stage 2:

Once your Interview Coach has identified the key issues and areas you need help with, they will then work with you to improve your interview technique. This can include;

  • Helping you to formulate your own answers to competency based interview questions
  • Helping you to convey your unique skills, experience and achievements in a way which best demonstrates your suitability
  • Avoiding common pitfalls
  • Preparation of some standard answers to tough questions you may be asked at interview
  • Guidance on how to research a potential employer before your interview
  • Teaching you some techniques to build rapport with the interviewer(s)
  • Providing relevant questions for you to ask a potential employer at interview
  • Providing advice on how to dress to impress and improve your body language

 Stage 3:

At the end of the session we will stage a short Mock Interview to allow you to benchmark your progress and practice your new techniques. Because we use real job interview questions throughout you can be assured that you will gain a realistic understanding of your interview performance has improved.

 Written Feedback Notes:

After your session, you will receive a full written report including notes on everything covered during your session. This will include details of strong points, areas for improvement and general advice for each of the interview questions covered as well as advice on improving your overall approach and confidence. Your Interview Coach can also recommend specific areas for you to continue working on in your own time after the session.

Follow Up:

We also provide you with a wide range of follow-up information after your Interview Coaching session to enable you to continue improving your interview technique in your own time. This includes:

  • A comprehensive list of over 100 Practice Interview Questions
  • Sample answers to tough interview questions (what is your greatest weakness?…biggest failure?…accomplishment)
  • Several model answers for Competency Based Interview Questions
  • Additional factsheets and information on key techniques for structuring interview answers
  • A list of potential questions to ask the interviewer
  • Follow up exercises so that you can continue to work on your skills on your own
  • A FREE copy of our Ultimate Interview Guide (normally £5.99)

18 reviews for Interview Coaching (Target Salary £35K-£60K) (1 Hour)

  1. RH, Training Centre Manager

    A 1st class service and a pleasure to work with – highly recommended. I am feeling much less nervous about my upcoming interviews

  2. HD, Finance Director

    My expectations were exceeded.

  3. DQ, Facilities Supervisor now Manager

    Just what I needed, I knew I had the skills for the role, I just couldnt get it across at interview. Thanks to robin for all your help it has made such a difference.

  4. JB, Lecturer and Social Educationalist

    Brilliant. The consultant has been really supportive and encouraging. Would not hesitate to recommend to friends.

  5. FQ, Catering Manager

    Thanks for this help. I was having trouble with certain questions and how to answer them. I was trying to get to a managerial position and I succeeded thanks to this coaching. They asked the questions we had prepared so it was so much easier than before.

  6. ND, Bid Writer

    I’m pleased to report that I’ve verbally accepted an offer for a Bid Writer role with a salary of £42k plus 10% discretionary annual bonus. Fortunately, this all means I can continue with the house purchase. Thank you for all your assistance with the interview prep. I could not have done it without you!

  7. KA, Client Account Manager

    I have got my dream job as a Client Account Manager. I wish your company success and I will be recommending you to anyone

  8. KL, Full Stack Developer

    Super impressed and would definitely recommend. I got a few ‘top tips’ that really made the difference.

  9. MI, Complaints Adviser

    Thanks for helping to pick the right examples to highlight, there were quite a few to choose from so I feel that we collaborated to get the best ones. I should ace the interviews now

  10. GR, Property Transaction Associate

    I would recommend this service to anyone with an important interview ahead. I was not sure if it would help me in my situation, but it was very effective.

  11. HO, Business Development Consultant

    I had only worked for large companies previously, so when an opportunity came up to support a start-up I was attracted to it. As I would be working directly with the founder I felt I needed to make a strong impression, the coaching certainly helped me to get across the correct information and I secured a second interview

  12. KA, Specialist Asset Management Field Operative

    My job is very technical but the consultant asked me relevant questions and helped me to prepare for a significant job interview. I am very grateful for the assistance, fingers crossed I am successful.

  13. GR, Senior Outreach Team Leader

    I had asked for some general advice from family and friends, but I felt I needed something more formal. I was not disappointed. I found this service to be far greater than my expectations and I have recommended your service to others as I feel informal support can only take you so far.

  14. RD, Conference Manager

    I was looking for a position that would allow me time off with my family for the holidays, this is quite rare in my industry, so when I found a role I really needed to make sure that I aced the interview, despite some curve balls thrown at me, I felt that due to the coaching I coped well.

  15. BV, Luxury Travel Consultant

    I found this service helpful as the consultant picked up on things that I had missed.

  16. MV, Fundrasing Manager

    The consultant was very patient with me as I had not had a interview in many, many years. I was facing redundancy and it had come as a bit of a shock as I had been in the role and with the company for a very long time. I would recommend this service to anyone as I felt it really helped me to focus. I now have a new position and I am very grateful for the support at a difficult time.

  17. PT, Sales Representative

    Although I had been in sales for a while I was moving to a commission only role, it was with a great company so I felt it wasnt a risk, but I needed to ace the interview. The coaching helped me get the job and now it is down to me to make the role my own.

  18. WS, Executive Assistant

    Very professional and straight to the point. I had a number of questions that I felt were addressed in detail. I think I may book another session if I have more interviews, but I was successful in gaining a role very quickly which I believe is in part due to this coaching

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