Interview Coaching (Target Salary £0-£35K) (1 Hour)

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Professional Interview Coaching (1 Hour Session)

Entry Level – Suitable for candidates targeting roles with salaries of up to £35,000

Interview Coaching is available by Video Link (Microsoft Teams / Skype) and Telephone or upgrade to a Face-to-Face session in Bristol or Cardiff for £99.99

We can help with any type of interview including: Face-to-Face Interviews, Video Interviews, Telephone Interviews, Panel Interviews and Assessment Centres / Assessment Days (including Graduate Assessments). We can help you prepare, review and improve answers to any type of interview questions, including Competency / Skill Based; Strength Based, Value Based and Scenario Based questions as well as general interview questions.

During your Interview Coaching session we will pinpoint exactly what you are having difficulties with and devise an appropriate action plan to improve your interview technique. We will then work with you to ensure that you give the best interview possible. We can help you with what to say, how to say it, body language and tone of voice, as well as advising on other aspects of the job interview process such as dress code and building a rapport with the interviewers. Our experienced Interview Coach will help you feel prepared and confident enough to secure the job you want.

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For an additional £99.99 you can upgrade to a face-to-face Interview Coaching session at our offices in Bristol City Centre, Bristol Aztec West or Cardiff.

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Professional Interview Coaching (1 Hour Session)

Entry Level – Suitable for candidates targeting roles with salaries of up to £35,000

Interview Coaching is available by Video Link (Microsoft Teams / Skype) and Telephone or upgrade to a Face-to-Face session in Bristol or Cardiff for £99.99

What is included:

Before the session: We will ask you to send across any information which will help us prepare and enable us to tailor the session to meet your needs. This would typically include a copy of your CV or Application as well as the Job Description and Person Specification for any role(s) you are targeting (if available).

Stage 1:

At the beginning of your session your Interview Coach will ask you some relevant ‘test’ interview questions in order assess your current skill level and identify which areas require the most attention. They will also discuss with you which areas of your interview technique you feel require the most work and what aspects of the interview you are feeling most anxious about as well as getting an insight into your career aspirations and reasons for seeking a new role.

 Stage 2:

Once your Interview Coach has identified the key issues and areas you need help with, they will then work with you to improve your interview technique. This can include;

  • Helping you to formulate your own answers to competency based interview questions
  • Helping you to convey your unique skills, experience and achievements in a way which best demonstrates your suitability
  • Avoiding common pitfalls
  • Preparation of some standard answers to tough questions you may be asked at interview
  • Guidance on how to research a potential employer before your interview
  • Teaching you some techniques to build rapport with the interviewer(s)
  • Providing relevant questions for you to ask a potential employer at interview
  • Providing advice on how to dress to impress and improve your body language

 Stage 3:

At the end of the session we will stage a short Mock Interview to allow you to benchmark your progress and practice your new techniques. Because we use real job interview questions throughout you can be assured that you will gain a realistic understanding of your interview performance has improved.

Follow Up:

We also provide you with a wide range of follow-up information after your Interview Coaching session to enable you to continue improving your interview technique in your own time. This includes:

  • A comprehensive list of over 100 Practice Interview Questions
  • Sample answers to tough interview questions (what is your greatest weakness?…biggest failure?…accomplishment)
  • Several model answers for Competency Based Interview Questions
  • Additional factsheets and information on key techniques for structuring interview answers
  • A list of potential questions to ask the interviewer
  • Follow up exercises so that you can continue to work on your skills on your own
  • A FREE copy of our Ultimate Interview Guide (normally £5.99)

15 reviews for Interview Coaching (Target Salary £0-£35K) (1 Hour)

  1. AS, Support Worker

    thank you for all of your help, i am applying for more jobs now. i am looking at the interviews as a chance to practice my new skills

  2. LG, Software Tester

    Worth every penny! It got me the job I wanted.

  3. YE, Administration Assistant

    I was so nervous about having an interview I was not applying for jobs that I could easily do. I knew I had to do something about it and I found this service. My consultant was very patient with me and I am now approaching interviews with much more confidence. I am applying for better jobs and I am getting better results. I cannot thank you enough for your help.

  4. TR, Law Graduate

    Thank you for your time last week. It was very helpful to go over competency and motivation questions to practice for my interviews. I have been offered and accepted a position with Eversheds following my interview last Friday. Thank you so much for all your help and advice, I am confident I will utilise more of your services and will recommend you to all my friends and colleagues.

  5. CB, Hospitality

    I am more than impressed with all aspects of the company from the first contact right down to the end result and will be recommending you with the highest praise.

  6. TW, Civil Servant

    A massive thanks for your support with the interview. I hit the required score in the interview and am now on the reserve list!

  7. SW, Assistant Project Manager

    Great Help, just what I needed. I had previously practiced with friends but this was so much better. Thanks for the professionalism and techniques that I have learned, I can focus on my performance now.

  8. DW, Community Support Worker

    The consultant did a fantastic job by asking me the right questions, I feel much more prepared and confident

  9. JP, Crew Member

    I found a great opportunity but I was always letting myself down at the interview stage. There were some questions I jus could not answer. However, now I have had some coaching, I have just found out that I have a new job. this would not have happened before

  10. RE, Community Payback Supervisor

    Superb, this service was great and I found it very effective. I needed to demonstrate my willingness to undertake further study and this service helped to get my answers rwally clear.

  11. PU, Waking Nights Officer

    Thanks for all the help, I was prepared for the questions that they asked and I felt that my answers were much improved, I am very satisfied with the service.

  12. DA, Support Worker / PA

    Thank you for helping me get across the range of skills I had to offer the position. As it was a hybrid role I needed to demonstrate two separate sets of skills, which is not easy! But I secured the role and I am now working in a very challenging but rewarding role. Thanks again.

  13. WP, HR Coordinator

    I was new to the industry after a career change from Customer Service so I needed some assistance in highlighting my transferable skills. I found the support invaluable and it ensured that my interview was successful. I wasn’t sure about having coaching but it really helped me!

  14. SV, Barista

    This was my first interview and I wanted to make sure that I secured it as it was in walking distance of my flat. I knew I could apply for other roles, but they would not be as easy to travel to. I secured my very first role due to the coaching I booked. I may not have secured the role without the coaching. Thank you.

  15. NB, Grants Officer

    I just needed a bit of assistance to add my interview technique. It had been a while since I had an interview for a role that wasnt remote, thanks for all of the advice it was perfect

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