Choosing a Professional CV Writing Service

Confusing isn’t it?  Let us help you make sure that you chose the right service for you.

Looking at all of the CV companies on the web can be confusing.  We have produced an informative list of questions to make sure that you are making the right decision. Consider the answers when making your choice.

How long they have been writing CV’s?

CV writing is a skill that can take a long time to learn, if you want to do it well. How can you make sure that you don’t entrust your CV to a novice CV Writer?  Your career is too important to have your CV written by somebody without enough experience to make sure that you are selling yourself effectively.  Since the recession there has been an explosion of new companies onto the market. Unfortunately many of them do not have the skills to write an interview winning CV, or the commitment to customer service. Is your CV something that you are willing to risk getting wrong?

Our Consultants are highly educated, have recruitment experience, with over 15 years of CV writing knowledge, which is the ultimate combination of skills. We are always making sure that our CV’s are current, stand out from the rest and get results. Our team are always here to ensure that you are 100% confident when you approach the recruitment market.

We understand that having your CV written by a professional is an investment. This is why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We want you to have CV that you are 100% happy with. Until your CV is exactly right and you are happy with the results we will not send your final copies and CV pack. If you are not getting any responses, we will work with you to ensure that you are presenting yourself in the right way and getting results. We offer this service to give you the confidence and peace of mind that you need when making such an important purchase.

Can you find out who will be actually writing your CV?

We think it is important for your CV Consultant to understand you as an individual. There are many different ways of writing a CV, some companies use typists, others use computer software, some use inexperienced and untrained staff. The company may have been around a while but do you know who will actually be writing your CV? Will you have the chance to assess their skills before making your payment?

Here at CV Master Careers we make sure that you know who will be writing your CV. We have been writing CV’s since 2004 and each one of our CV Consultants are trained to the same high standards. If you want to make a booking with us, you will speak to the consultant who will be preparing the CV for you. This is so you can be confident that we can add value to your job search.

We write the CV’s in house and you will have the opportunity to contact your consultant directly at any point during the process. Unlike other companies, any updates will also be handled by your dedicated consultant, ensuring that the process is personal, easy and effective.

Are they a dedicated CV writing company?

In recent years, many businesses (such as recruitment agencies) have attached CV writing as another service to offer their customers. CV writing is not something that can be picked up quickly or just added as another service. We have taken our professional development very seriously we have worked exceptionally hard to ensure our methods, service and products are second to none.

The issues with using such secondary services are that they may not have the experience or skills required to ensure your CV is outstanding, so make sure before you book a service that your consultant understands your requirements. In order to maximise your chances of success you need to ensure the person writing your CV understands the current recruitment market and has the skills to present your unique skills on your CV. It is almost always worth trying to call them before booking a service. Do they sound knowledgeable? Do they understand your particular career dilemma? Can they add value?

Do they understand your needs and how to overcome any challenges?

During our 15 years we have had great feedback from customers who tell us that other companies are not as knowledgeable as we are. We take the time to understand your needs before recommending any products. We have built an extensive range of CV services, as over the years we have found that one solution does not fit all. We have created a number of bespoke CV services to make sure that every customer has a solution appropriate to their requirements. We have even created some brand new services to make sure that we offer the most choice on the web. Other companies have copied many of our innovations over the years; however they have often failed to deliver the quality we demand.

It is very easy to write a basic CV, it is more difficult to overcome many of the common challenges faced by job seekers today. We have assisted people with career changes, returning from a career break or the Armed Forces, Graduates, industry professionals who have never used a CV and those without any work experience. These situations are very common but can be difficult to present effectively on a CV. We have experience over overcoming any barriers to employment and ensuring that an employer can see the value you would bring.

What methods of payment are available?

We understand that when making payments online or over the telephone you want to feel confident and secure. We also know that you like the protection and convenience that paying using a credit or debit card provides. This is why we have invested in a secure PCI compliant payment service. We know that some people are nervous about making payments online. You can order a service 24/7/365, with our UK based system; we have gone the extra mile to ensure that our customer details are secure and that you can make a payment with peace of mind.

Can they help you if you need further assistance?

We only work with experienced recruitment professionals with over 15 years CV writing experience; this is so they have relevant and useful recruitment knowledge. You can contact us safe in the knowledge that your enquiry will be treated with respect and in confidence, as well as with exceptional customer service. If you need further help your consultant will work hard with you to find a solution.

We have high percentage of clients recommending others to try our services.  As we had been around for over 15 years many of our original clients have asked us to update their CV again after promotion or looking for a change of career. It delights us that we are able to help them again to getting the job they want. Their recommendation and regular repeat business is proof of this satisfaction.  We believe that we offer the best range of services at the best price.  We provide peace of mind, confidence and professionalism, all of which are required in abundance when searching for a job. We allow you to focus on what really matters, your personal performance at interview. Only you can attend the interview to get the job you want, at. So let our expert’s help you perform at your best so that you can wow potential employers.

For a confidential discussion about your CV please call us on 0800 246 1857