Article – Online Job Search Tips

Online Job searching

Any online job search that you perform will be more successful if you know what you want. Take some time to plan your search from the outset and then you are more likely to land the job you want. Use this article to help you begin.

Online recruitment is booming, with some companies now completely ditching traditional recruitment methods. Make sure that you are familiar with current trends and innovations.

Finding vacancies online has never been easier, provided you know what you are doing. Our short guide to online job searching can help get you started and succeed.  

Job boards

These are specific sites that hold details of jobs that you can search through and apply for directly. By registering your details on a reputable job board you could be informed about new vacancies straight away. Some offer an alert service which contacts you when new positions become available. You should be able to register your preferences of the type of vacancy that you are seeking and the area you are looking to work in. If working in your local area is important to you, try and look for the area the jobs board covers before you provide any details. Make sure it is the correct area for you.

There are so many different job boards online, it is important to make sure you choose the most relevant to you. It is important to try and find job boards that are relevant to your industry. These will carry more of the vacancies that you could be interested in and apply for. This is particularly important for certain careers, you may need to locate a jobs board directly targeting the positions you are hoping to achieve. You should look for niche websites as well as also joining more generalised job boards. You should keep checking regularly to see if there are any suitable vacancies and apply for any you like as soon as you can. Make sure that you are aware of the closing date, as often online applications are only accepted for a very short time.

Online CV database

By registering your CV on a CV database you could be head hunted by employers straight away. This means that your CV will be available online for employers to search through to find candidates for jobs they have open. Make sure that you keep your CV and contact information up to date, as you never know when an employer may decide to contact you. Also ensure that sensitive personal information is kept to a minimum on the CV, to prevent any potential fraud.

Applying via a website

Some companies request that you apply directly through their website for any positions. You should treat this exactly the same way as if it is a standard application form. You need to make sure that you complete the form to the best of your ability, providing relevant, targeted information and checking that it is error free. Also check that your writing is formal and presented correctly, just because the application is online does not mean that your answers will be scrutinised less thoroughly.

Try and print a copy of the form before you try to complete it online, to make sure you can answer all of the questions. Sometimes the website will not allow you to save your answers and return to the form, so make sure that your application is right before you start. Also just double check your application thoroughly before you press send, to prevent any embarrassment! If you need professional help with your application form then please click here or call us on 0845 003 9557.