Article – First Days in a New Job

You have done it! You have landed your dream job, or a job at least! At first you may feel excited, then panic sets in, anxieties surface and before your know it you are dreading the first day. Here are a few tips to help ease you in.

Being nervous before starting a new job is completely normal and shows that you care about your career. However, do not let your nerves ruin your first day.

Here are some pointers to help you to make a good impression on your colleagues and new boss.

Be early, but not too early!

Give yourself time to acquaint yourself with your new place of work. If possible you could travel to your new workplace to make sure you are familiar with the journey, you may have already done this for your interview. If using public transport, you may want to get an earlier bus or train, at least for the first day. Being on time should help keep your nerves under control as well as impressing your boss. Do not be tempted to go in too early; this could alienate you from your new colleagues.

Dress appropriately

If you are unsure about dress codes then you could telephone and ask. Try to allow room in your budget to purchase a few new items; this will give you a psychological boost. Try and get hard wearing, quality items, as this will help to enhance your profile at work. Bags and shoes are the items that get noticed so ensure yours are clean and professional.

Be prepared

Take a packed lunch but remain open to invitations to join your new colleagues for lunch. This way you can have the flexibility of deciding what you would like to do. It is no fun being hungry all day, so ensure you have enough food and drink with you. Some companies do not have canteens or facilities therefore it can be difficult to find lunch.

Have an early night

The night before you start your job, make sure you have ample rest. If you are lacking in confidence then try re-reading your CV to give you a psychological boost the night before. You could also try writing a list of the skills you wish to develop in this new role.

Think about the bigger picture

This new position may not be the dream job you have always wanted, or it could lead you directly there. We build up contacts and build on our skills in every employment. This job may be the stepping stone you need to help you advance to better things. If you are in any way unsure of your direction, review your CV. What is the goal you are ultimately aiming for? Sometimes it helps to see your new job in context for you to see the value you could get from it.

Good Luck !