Article – Are you a Wantrapreneur

Are You A ‘Wantrapreneur’?

Many people think about running their own business, those who allow factors to hold them back have been dubbed “Wantreprenters”. Here is how you can make the break from paid employment to self-employment.

Some people spend years thinking about a potential business idea, before taking the plunge

Not everyone has an entrepreneurial spirit. A recent Radio 2 Broadcast examined the psychology of the entrepreneur. One suggested argument was that you needed a something ‘extra’ to set up your own business. Fear of rising business costs was recently sited as the main reason that held back potential business owners.


When considering running your own business, the first step should be to look after yourself. Ensure that you are in peak physical condition as there will be many demands made on you. This only means your peak state; just do what you can to nourish your body and mind. Everyone has limitations and things that they find difficult, Prioritise your health and well-being in the run up to starting a business, because I can promise you that you will have no time to do it afterwards!

Ask your friends

Discuss your business ideas with your friends and family. Ask their honest opinion and listen to it. They may have though of something you haven’t. They may have interesting ideas of what they, as customers would like. However, beware, some people may be pessimistic. Some people may also be “Wantrepreneurs” themselves! They may also secretly want to give up the day job and be jealous of your idea! They may also be scared of change and what it might mean for them. Do not be easily dissuaded and try to see any comments as potentially really helpful.

Skills audit 

One other essential step that you should complete is to do a skills audit. Only then, can you make an informed decision about what roles you are able to perform successfully, now and in the future. If you are running a business you must ensure that you have all the skills necessary.

CV preparation

Compile a master CV with all your experience and skills clearly marked. It is for your eyes only. It can be completely for your own research, so you can write what you want. It can also be helpful to look at the things you particularly liked or disliked in each period of your life. This can help you to see where your true talents lie and where you need to improve your knowledge or experience. Question your CV, look at any skills gaps that you might have. You can create an action plan to gain any experience or knowledge that you may require. Create a second CV that you could use when meeting with business advisors, bank managers, and potential customers and for completing tender applications. It is important that this CV shows the skills, experience and aptitude for the business that you are trying to start. 

If you find it difficult to look at your career in a non-emotional way, ask for help. If you would like a professional, impartial opinions about any aspect of CV preparation, presentation, or business support contact CV Master Careers on 0845 003 9557.

We can assist you in find out where YOUR true talents are, everyone is individual and it makes sense to get to know the person who is going to be your future boss, YOU!